Privacy Policy

Information obtained by us

Studyoo Registration

The Flashcards App offers a service called Studyoo, that lets users store their flashcards on our server as a so called cloud-backup. If you sign up for a Studyoo account from within the app or from our website, your username, email address and password are stored on our server, so that you can later sign into your account and access your stored cloud-backups. If you wish to have this information removed from the server, please write us an email at


If you create Cloud-Backups with the Studyoo service of the Flashcards App (mentioned in the section above), your flashcards will be transferred and stored on our server. You can remove Cloud-Backups from the server at any time from within the app.

Sharing flashcards

The Flashcards App allows users to share their flashcards with other users. If a user shares his or her flashcards, the flashcards are transferred and stored on our server. The user then receives a unique and random code which allows others to download the flashcards from the server from within the app. The user has to decide with whom he or she wants to share the code. After 3 days the flashcards are automatically removed from the server.

Information obtained by third parties

The Flashcards App uses Google Play Services, Firebase Analytics and Crashlytics to collect information about how the app gets used. This information is then used to improve the app with future updates. The following links lead to the privacy policies of each service.

Google Play Services
Firebase Analytics